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Introducing POLi – the smart way to pay

You can now shop online at Design Toscano NZ Limited without using a credit card.

If your bank supports it (check here) and you use internet banking, then POLi lets you safely pay for online purchases* within the security of your personal internet banking facility. Think of POLi as a gateway between the shop and your bank - and the great thing is POLi won't even look; it doesn't capture or disclose any of your private details to anyone.

The first time you choose to pay with POLi you need to download and install the POLi web browser on your computer. This is completely safe to do - POLi uses some of the most advanced security features available on the internet.  It's trusted by VeriSign and used by Air New Zealand, JetStar, the NZ Transport Agency and others.

There’s no cost to pay with POLi (although normal bank fees may apply) and best of all, it’s really easy to use 


What is POLi?

POLi is the online payment option which allows you to use your internet banking facility to safely pay for goods and services purchased online.

In simple terms, POLi helps you to make an internet banking payment to The Warehouse in a secure way, and ensures that you get all the payment details right. It does not capture, store or disclose any of your sensitive details (including account numbers and internet banking logon or passwords).

Why choose POLi?

POLi is a great alternative for people without credit cards, or for those who have them - but would prefer not to use them to shop online. When you use POLi to complete your purchase everything is done within the security of your online banking facility and at no time are you required to disclose your personal banking details to any third party, (including POLi).

Who can use POLi?

Anyone who is registered and able to make payments within a New Zealand internet banking facility. 

How does POLi work?

   1. Choose to pay with internet banking/POLi
   2. Select your bank and follow the prompts to ensure you have installed the POLi web browser (you only have to do this once)
   3. Complete your payment within your internet banking facility

Which banks support POLi?
New Zealand banks which support POLi include:

* Bank of New Zealand
* Westpac
* TSB Bank
* The National Bank
* Bank Direct
* Kiwibank

Is there any cost for using POLi?

There is no cost to make payments using POLi, although your bank may apply fees for electronic funds transfers.
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Is POLi secure?

During a POLi transaction, no one can access or see any of the details displayed by your Internet banking site (eg account numbers and internet banking logon or passwords). This information remains secure within your bank’s environment. It is important to remember that when using POLi, you only ever exchange sensitive information directly with your bank. In this sense, POLi is unlike other online payment methods, such as online credit card transactions where your information is passed via a series of third parties.

The POLi web browser (the gateway used to navigate to your internet banking facility), provides some of the most advanced security features available on the internet.

What are the system requirements for POLi?

When you make a POLi payment the POLi web browser loads automatically. You can also load the POLi browser before you make a POLi payment by visiting You only need to do this once.

In order to run the POLi web browser, your computer must meet minimum system requirements. But don't worry too much about this, as POLi will check to ensure your computer meets these requirements and will guide you through the installation process. In case you're interested, the system requirements are:

* Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above
* Compatible Browsers: Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 2+ (Javascript must be enabled)
* Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows (XP SP2+, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008)

You can visit to check your system requirements prior to making your first POLi payment.