Corpus Crux Gothic Dragon Skeleton Statue

Corpus Crux Gothic Dragon Skeleton Statue
They tried to kill the mighty dragon but his trophy statue foretells of the evil waiting beyond death! Legend says that bubbling vats of hot oil were cast down on the spiny beast from high atop castle walls, yet this wicked warrior still prevailed as an even more terrifying, bag-of-bones dragon skeleton that roams kingdoms to spread Gothic terror. Painstakingly sculpted with detail to make an archaeologist proud, Corpus Crux is cast in quality designer resin and hand painted with life-like bones in a sinister stance. Display this Design Toscano-exclusive proudly amidst your other medieval collectibles.

Width: 19cm Depth: 12.5cm Height: 17.5cm
Weight 0.5 kg
NZ$ 69.90 including GST
DT CL7038
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